About Q&A

Why a blog about history?

Why not a blog about history, is more like it. History has everything, so it is not like I will be waiting around for news. I just need to find it. After it has happened whether by a decade or 10,000 years. Pretty simple.

Sure there is plenty from history to draw from, but most of it is boring, right?

Oh sweet lord in heaven it can be. There is a reason social studies teachers don’t go on tour or endorse mid-sized sedans. I probably won’t change that but it is worth trying. There are thousands of blogs out there about sports, movies and politics well more blogs about sports and movies. Let’s drop some knowledge while we are at it. Team effort with me doing most of the effort.

How will this blog enrich my everyday experience?

It won’t. However, if you read it at work, it could be up to 5 minutes of getting paid to read a blog about history. Work for 30 to 40 years, and reading History Guffaw will be like a paid vacation. Pretty sweet way to make a living. .

How will this blog make history funny?

A lot of bad and tired jokes.

How is that funny?

Moving on.

And this will be a huge moneymaker?

Not even close… who wants to read an irreverent yet erudite blog about history? Riddle me that.

Will this only be a blog about U.S. History?

Heck and no. we live in global times. All recorded history is up for grabs. I am going to so bust your chops East Timor. No mercy women’s rights movement in Switzerland (as if there is a women’s movement in Switzerland. Ladies only started voting in the 198o’s.). I will use my best F.W. de Klerk jokes early and often.

There is going to be more than just this day in history?

No need to be pushy. There will be essays about defunked sports teams, obscure former leaders, and stuff combining the best of stuff with the doldrums of  history stuff. I just need to write it.

This is for the children, will they be able to use this blog to cheat on history papers?

Please try. Honestly, there will be facts involved in writing the content. However, there will be some malarkey. Just don’t cut and paste it wholesale. Besides it would be nice to see if I can get higher than a D+ in a 9th grade U.S. History class or a college elective on Hittite society. I need the confidence boost.

How are you qualified to even write this? Shouldn’t I be reading Doris Kearns Goodwin instead?

I am probably not qualified to write this or a brochure on how to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide using lungs. You know what Doris Kearns Goodwin has gotten too big for her britches and I am going to take her down. Seriously, why read a well-research and well-written 300,000 word book about an iconic American President when you can read 400 words about my gut reaction to the Battle of Trafalgar. Time is money. Doris Kearns Goodwin takes and I give. You are welcome world. 


3 thoughts on “About Q&A”

  1. This is fantastic. I did a post about my birthday/historical events on that day but this, this is good. No, this is much better.

  2. You’re reasoning for reading this blog at work has me sold enough.

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