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On this day in 1907, the Germans pulled a blitzkrieg on dirty laundry. Get it. Germany, a war analogy, together in one sentence, at last. The Guffaw digresses. Anyway, German scientists decided that having one’s clothes smell like chlorine (what people used before detergent) was not the best way to go through life in the Kaiser’s Germany. So they decided to combine the power of sodium silicate (no clue what that is, bunch of German nerds) with sodium perborate (again, German nerds) and voila, laundry detergent. They called it, drum roll, Persil. Combining the name recognition of “silicate” with “perborate,” branding and marketing at its best. In short time, like the Turkish version of Star Wars, there were a ton of knockoffs like “Pirsil” or “Pirsal.”  Persil was finally trademarked in 1917… and that is some useless history to know…