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Who got to wear the George Washington’s wig and enter the ring with James Brown singing (from Rocky 4, don’t pretend you don’t know of what  the Guffaw speaks)? Did anyone tell their opponent they must break them (again Rocky 4)? Or order someone to spike an opponents water bottle so they have embarrassing flatulence (Diggstown, not as fun to reference as Rocky 4)?

That is one ripped butler and steriod bound butcher...

On January 6, 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in London. In one corner, the Duke of Albemarle’s butler. In the opposing corner, the Duke of Albemarle’s butcher. The winner got a cash prize.

So many more questions, was their mix-up at the butcher shop? Did the butcher use improper knocking technique before the butler answered the door? Did the Duke get kicks out of watching two men punch each other? Who knows. The Guffaw can’t even find out the names of the two contestants much less who won. Apparently boxing was crazy before 1751 (when the first boxing regulations were adopted) with fighters using weapons, fighting in teams and women and men fighting each other. The sweet science indeed.

The point is it happened. At the end of it, a butcher gained more respect for a butler and a butler gained more respect for a butcher. All for the amusement of a rich dude. Times have not changed.